Design Documents

Venice Improvement Proposal (VIP)

Venice follow the Venice Improvement Proposal (VIP). VIP is the mechanism used to propose changes to the Venice Codebase.

Not all the changes require a VIP treatment, Please use your commonsense to check if writing this VIP help yourself and the reviewers time instead of just doing it in the pull request itself. Generally, this applies to

  • Large code refactors
  • New functionality
  • Public API changes

In practical terms, the VIP defines a process in which developers can submit a design doc, receive feedback and get the “go ahead” to execute.

Who can create a VIP?

Any person willing to contribute to the Venice project is welcome to create a VIP.

How does the VIP process work?

A VIP proposal can be in these states:

  1. DRAFT: (Optional) This might be used for contributors to collaborate and to seek feedback on an incomplete version of the proposal.

  2. DISCUSSION: The proposal has been submitted to the community for feedback and approval.

  3. ACCEPTED: The proposal has been accepted by the Venice project.

  4. REJECTED: The proposal has not been accepted by the Venice project.

  5. IMPLEMENTED: The implementation of the proposed changes have been completed and everything has been merged.

  6. RELEASED: The proposed changes have been included in an official Venice release.

The process works in the following way:

  1. The author(s) of the proposal will create a file named “” in proposal folder cloning from the template for VIP proposals. The “xxx” number should be chosen to be the next number from the existing VIP issues, listed here
  2. The author(s) submit this file as a PR named “VIP-xxx: {short description}” in DRAFT/DISCUSSION stage.
  3. People discuss using PR comments, each is its own threaded comment. General comments can be made as general comment in the PR. There are two other ways for an interactive discussion.
    1. Venice Community Slack Channel, Create a slack channel with #VIP-xxx
    2. Venice Contributor Sync Meeting, see details here at Contributor Sync Meeting
  4. Depending on the outcome of the discussion, the status could move to ACCEPTED or REJECTED, or it could stay in DISCUSSION stage (e.g. if we agree tentatively on the broad strokes, but there are still action items to refine certain aspects). At the end of this, the PR gets merged, and at that point the VIP will appear in the directory of all historical VIPs.
  5. If the merged VIP is still in DISCUSSION stage, then further PRs will be submitted to address the remaining action items.
  6. If the VIP is ACCEPTED, then next stages are implementation, with eventually some code change PR also carrying an alteration of the VIP page to move the status to IMPLEMENTED.
  7. All Pull Requests for this functionality, should prefix this “VIP-XXX” number in the title for quick access.


This guide is inspired from the Apache Pulsar project proposal plan.