Class SslUtils

  • public class SslUtils
    extends java.lang.Object
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        public static final java.lang.String LOCAL_PASSWORD
        Self-signed cert. Use keystore as truststore since self-signed. Cert has CN=localhost IMPORTANT NOTE: the "localhost.jks", "localhost.cert", "localhost.key" and "localhost.p12" files only exist in the code base; do not try to load this files in actual hosts
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final java.lang.String LOCAL_KEYSTORE_JKS
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SslUtils

        public SslUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • getVeniceLocalSslFactory

        public static SSLFactory getVeniceLocalSslFactory()
        This function should be used in test cases only.
        a local SSL factory that uses a self-signed development certificate.
      • getVeniceLocalSslProperties

        public static java.util.Properties getVeniceLocalSslProperties()
        This function should be used in test cases only.
        an instance of Properties that contains local SSL configs.
      • getPathForResource

        public static java.lang.String getPathForResource​(java.lang.String resource)
        This function should be used in test cases only.
        resource - -- System resource name
        the path to the local key store location
      • toAlpiniSSLFactory

        public static SslFactory toAlpiniSSLFactory​(SSLFactory sslFactory,
                                                    boolean openssl)
      • toSSLFactoryWithOpenSSLSupport

        public static SSLFactory toSSLFactoryWithOpenSSLSupport​(SSLFactory sslFactory)
        Adapt the incoming SSLFactory into a new one backed by openssl if it is available.
      • isConscryptAvailable

        public static boolean isConscryptAvailable()
        Check whether openssl provider is available or not.
      • getSSLFactory

        public static SSLFactory getSSLFactory​(java.util.Properties sslProperties,
                                               java.lang.String factoryClassName)
        A helper function that return an instance of SSLFactory with ssl Properties.
        sslProperties -
        factoryClassName - Different products can plug-in different factory classes.
      • loadSSLConfig

        public static java.util.Properties loadSSLConfig​(java.lang.String configFilePath)
        Build an instance of Properties with a file path to SSL config file. An example of SSL config file: ssl.enabled:true ssl.key.password:local_password ssl.keystore.location:./identity.p12 ssl.keystore.password:local_password ssl.keystore.type:pkcs12 ssl.truststore.location:./cacerts ssl.truststore.password:local_password
      • getX509Certificate

        public static getX509Certificate​( certificate)