Interface RoutingDataRepository

    • Method Detail

      • getPartitionAssignments

        PartitionAssignment getPartitionAssignments​(java.lang.String kafkaTopic)
        Query all partitions allocations that belong to given kafka topic. The instances in returned allocations are ready to serve OR being bootstrap.
      • containsKafkaTopic

        boolean containsKafkaTopic​(java.lang.String kafkaTopic)
        Whether this repository contains routing data for given kafka topic or not.
      • getLeaderController

        Instance getLeaderController()
        Query the leader controller of current cluster.
      • getLeaderControllerChangeTimeMs

        long getLeaderControllerChangeTimeMs()
        Timestamp in milliseconds of the last time leader controller changed.
      • isLiveInstance

        boolean isLiveInstance​(java.lang.String instanceId)
      • doesResourcesExistInIdealState

        boolean doesResourcesExistInIdealState​(java.lang.String resource)
        Whether the resources names exist in ideal state or not.
      • getLeaderInstance

        Instance getLeaderInstance​(java.lang.String resourceName,
                                   int partition)
        Given resource name and partition number, return the current leader instance.
        the current leader instance. Null if there is no leader/the resource doesn't use L/F model/resource doesn't exist.