Interface RoutersClusterManager

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    public interface RoutersClusterManager
    This interface define the operations used to manage all routers in a cluster. Each router could know how many routers are still living through the implementation of this interface.
    • Method Detail

      • registerRouter

        void registerRouter​(java.lang.String instanceId)
        Register the given router instance into the cluster.
      • unregisterRouter

        void unregisterRouter​(java.lang.String instanceId)
        Unregister the given router instance from the cluster.
      • getLiveRoutersCount

        int getLiveRoutersCount()
        Get how many routers are living right now in the cluster.
      • getExpectedRoutersCount

        int getExpectedRoutersCount()
        Get the expected number of routers in the cluster.
      • updateExpectedRouterCount

        void updateExpectedRouterCount​(int expectedNumber)
        Update the expected number of routers in the cluster.
      • getLiveRouterInstances

        java.util.Set<Instance> getLiveRouterInstances()
      • isThrottlingEnabled

        boolean isThrottlingEnabled()
      • isMaxCapacityProtectionEnabled

        boolean isMaxCapacityProtectionEnabled()
      • enableThrottling

        void enableThrottling​(boolean enable)
        Enable or disable read throttling feature on router. If this feature is disable, router will accept all read request regardless of store's quota.
      • enableMaxCapacityProtection

        void enableMaxCapacityProtection​(boolean enable)
        Enable or disable max read capacity protection feature on router. If this feature is disabled, router will not protected by pre-defined max read capacity which means the total quota one router assigned might exceed the max capacity that router could serve.
      • createRouterClusterConfig

        void createRouterClusterConfig()