Class VeniceController

  • public class VeniceController
    extends java.lang.Object
    Venice Controller to manage the cluster. Internally wraps Helix Controller.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VeniceController

        public VeniceController​(java.util.List<VeniceProperties> propertiesList,
                                io.tehuti.metrics.MetricsRepository metricsRepository,
                                java.util.List<ServiceDiscoveryAnnouncer> serviceDiscoveryAnnouncers,
                                java.util.Optional<DynamicAccessController> accessController,
                                java.util.Optional<AuthorizerService> authorizerService,
                                com.linkedin.d2.balancer.D2Client d2Client,
                                java.util.Optional<ClientConfig> routerClientConfig,
                                java.util.Optional<ICProvider> icProvider,
                                java.util.Optional<SupersetSchemaGenerator> externalSupersetSchemaGenerator)
        Allocates a new VeniceController object.
        propertiesList - config properties coming from ConfigKeys.
        metricsRepository - a metric repository to emit metrics.
        serviceDiscoveryAnnouncers - a list of ServiceDiscoveryAnnouncer for service discovery announcement. Can be empty.
        accessController - an optional DynamicAccessController for auth/auth. Deprecated, use authorizerService instead.
        authorizerService - an optional AuthorizerService for auth/auth.
        d2Client - a D2Client used for interacting with child controllers.
        routerClientConfig - an optional ClientConfig used for reading schema from routers.
        icProvider - an optional invocation-context provider class for calls between various deployable services.
        externalSupersetSchemaGenerator - an optional SupersetSchemaGenerator used for generating superset schema.
    • Method Detail

      • start

        public void start()
        Causes venice controller and its associated services to begin execution.
      • stop

        public void stop()
        Causes venice controller and its associated services to stop executing.
      • getVeniceControllerService

        public VeniceControllerService getVeniceControllerService()
        the Venice controller service.
      • main

        public static void main​(java.lang.String[] args)
      • run

        public static void run​(java.lang.String clusterConfigFilePath,
                               java.lang.String controllerConfigFilePath,
                               boolean joinThread)