Class VeniceStoreVersionConfig

  • public class VeniceStoreVersionConfig
    extends VeniceServerConfig
    class that maintains all properties that are not specific to a venice server and cluster. Includes individual store properties and other properties that can be overwritten.
    • Method Detail

      • getStoreVersionName

        public java.lang.String getStoreVersionName()
      • isBlobTransferEnabled

        public boolean isBlobTransferEnabled()
      • getStorePersistenceType

        public PersistenceType getStorePersistenceType()
      • isRestoreDataPartitions

        public boolean isRestoreDataPartitions()
      • setRestoreDataPartitions

        public void setRestoreDataPartitions​(boolean restoreDataPartitions)
      • isRestoreMetadataPartition

        public boolean isRestoreMetadataPartition()
      • setRestoreMetadataPartition

        public void setRestoreMetadataPartition​(boolean restoreMetadataPartition)
      • isStorePersistenceTypeKnown

        public boolean isStorePersistenceTypeKnown()
        For some store, the persistence type may not be known when constructing VeniceStoreVersionConfig, such as in `VeniceStateModelFactory#createNewStateModel`, when Helix wants to create a new state model for some store, it doesn't know the persistence type since it is possible that this store is an existing store, so the persistence type is decided by the on-disk type, and it is a new store, it will be decided by storage node config.
        true, it means the storage persistence type is decided, and stay immutable during the lifetime of this store in the same node.
      • setStorePersistenceType

        public void setStorePersistenceType​(PersistenceType storePersistenceType)
        This reason to create a `setter` for storePersistenceType since it is unknown sometimes when initializing VeniceStoreVersionConfig, such as in com.linkedin.venice.helix.VeniceStateModelFactory#createNewStateModel, The new state model could be created for a brand-new store or an existing store.
        storePersistenceType -
      • getPersistStorageEngineConfig

        public VeniceProperties getPersistStorageEngineConfig()