Class StatsAvroGenericDaVinciClient<K,​V>

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DaVinciClient<K,​V>, AvroGenericReadComputeStoreClient<K,​V>, AvroGenericStoreClient<K,​V>,, java.lang.AutoCloseable
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    public class StatsAvroGenericDaVinciClient<K,​V>
    extends DelegatingAvroGenericDaVinciClient<K,​V>
    Currently, we only expose metrics for single-get and batch-get requests, and if there is a need to have metrics for other request types, we can add them later. So far, it only offers very basic metrics: 1. Healthy request rate. 2. Unhealthy request rate. 3. Healthy request latency. 4. Key count for batch-get request. 5. Success request/key count ratio.