Class ChannelTaskSerializer

  • public class ChannelTaskSerializer
    extends java.lang.Object
    The purpose of this class is to execute tasks in series without overlap, even if the executeTask(Consumer, ChannelFutureListener) method is called before the completion if the previous tasks. The next task is not started until after the provided ChannelFutureListener returns. If the task fails to complete by completing the ChannelPromise, the serializer becomes blocked. It may be possible to add a PhantomReference to detect when the ChannelPromise completion has been lost and to enact some kind of recovery.
    • Constructor Summary

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      ChannelTaskSerializer​( ctx)  
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      void executeTask​(java.util.function.Consumer<> task, listener)  
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      • ChannelTaskSerializer

        public ChannelTaskSerializer​(@Nonnull
    • Method Detail

      • executeTask

        public void executeTask​(@Nonnull
                                java.util.function.Consumer<> task,