Class ForceCloseOnWriteTimeoutHandler

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    public class ForceCloseOnWriteTimeoutHandler
    extends io.netty.handler.timeout.WriteTimeoutHandler
    If a remote peer is unresponsive due to CPU throttling, GC or otherwise, ForceCloseOnWriteTimeoutHandler closes the connection on write timeout, the time out by default is 30 sec. A close is first attempted on the connection, and is force closed after 5 sec.
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      protected void writeTimedOut​( ctx)  
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      • ForceCloseOnWriteTimeoutHandler

        public ForceCloseOnWriteTimeoutHandler​(int timeoutSeconds)
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        protected void writeTimedOut​( ctx)
                              throws java.lang.Exception
        writeTimedOut in class io.netty.handler.timeout.WriteTimeoutHandler