Class VeniceJVMStats

  • public class VeniceJVMStats
    extends AbstractVeniceStats
    Simple class that spins JVM platform stats into Venice stats. Explanations for these stats can be got from BufferPoolMXBean and MemoryMxBean
    • Field Detail

      • directMemoryUsage

        public final io.tehuti.metrics.Sensor directMemoryUsage
        Returns an estimate of the memory that the Java virtual machine is using for this buffer pool. The value returned by this method may differ from the estimate of the total capacity of the buffers in this pool due to implementation.
      • directMemoryCapacity

        public final io.tehuti.metrics.Sensor directMemoryCapacity
        An estimate of the total capacity of the buffers in this pool. A buffer's capacity is the number of elements it contains and the value returned by this method is an estimate of the total capacity of buffers in the pool in bytes.
      • directMemoryPoolCount

        public final io.tehuti.metrics.Sensor directMemoryPoolCount
        An estimate of the number of buffers in the pool.
      • heapUsage

        public final io.tehuti.metrics.Sensor heapUsage
        The current memory usage of the heap that is used for object allocation. The amount of used memory in the returned memory usage is the amount of memory occupied by both live objects and garbage objects that have not been collected, if any.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VeniceJVMStats

        public VeniceJVMStats​(io.tehuti.metrics.MetricsRepository metricsRepository,
                              java.lang.String name)