Class LongAdderRateGauge

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    io.tehuti.metrics.Measurable, io.tehuti.metrics.MeasurableStat, io.tehuti.metrics.Stat

    public class LongAdderRateGauge
    extends io.tehuti.metrics.stats.Gauge
    This metric class is to optimize for high write throughput, low read throughput measurement use case instead of real-time measurement. The smallest measurement interval is 30 seconds.
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      double getRate()  
      double measure​(io.tehuti.metrics.MetricConfig config, long currentTimeMs)  
      void record()  
      void record​(long amount)  
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        public static final int RATE_GAUGE_CACHE_DURATION_IN_SECONDS
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LongAdderRateGauge

        public LongAdderRateGauge()
      • LongAdderRateGauge

        public LongAdderRateGauge​(Time time)
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      • record

        public void record()
      • record

        public void record​(long amount)
      • measure

        public double measure​(io.tehuti.metrics.MetricConfig config,
                              long currentTimeMs)
        Specified by:
        measure in interface io.tehuti.metrics.Measurable
        measure in class io.tehuti.metrics.stats.Gauge
      • getRate

        public double getRate()