Interface StorageNodeClient

    • Method Detail

      • start

        void start()
        Start the client and prepare the required resources.
      • close

        void close()
        Close the client and release all resources held by the client
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        close in interface java.lang.AutoCloseable
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        close in interface
      • query

        void query​(Instance host,
                   VenicePath path,
                   java.util.function.Consumer<PortableHttpResponse> completedCallBack,
                   java.util.function.Consumer<java.lang.Throwable> failedCallBack,
                   java.util.function.BooleanSupplier cancelledCallBack)
            throws RouterException
        Send a request to storage node
        host - The target host to which the request will be sent
        path - contains information like URI, request content, HTTP method, etc.
        completedCallBack - Callback function for a complete response
        failedCallBack - if any exception thrown in the channel
        cancelledCallBack - for requests that are cancelled by the channel
      • isInstanceReadyToServe

        default boolean isInstanceReadyToServe​(java.lang.String instanceId)