Class RealTimeTopicSwitcher

  • public class RealTimeTopicSwitcher
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class which implements the process of switching from a batch topic (e.g. version-topic or stream reprocessing topic) to a real-time topic, including: 1. Ensuring the pre-conditions are met, 2. Determining the start timestamp to rewind to, 3. Writing the actual TopicSwitch control message.
    • Method Detail

      • transmitVersionSwapMessage

        public void transmitVersionSwapMessage​(Store store,
                                               int previousVersion,
                                               int nextVersion)
      • hasViewConfigs

        public boolean hasViewConfigs​(Version nextStoreVersion,
                                      Version previousStoreVersion)
      • switchToRealTimeTopic

        public void switchToRealTimeTopic​(java.lang.String realTimeTopicName,
                                          java.lang.String topicNameWhereToSendTheTopicSwitch,
                                          Store store,
                                          java.lang.String aggregateRealTimeSourceKafkaUrl,
                                          java.util.List<java.lang.String> activeActiveRealTimeSourceKafkaURLs)