Class AbstractDataWriterTask

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractDataWriterTask

        public AbstractDataWriterTask()
    • Method Detail

      • getPartitionCount

        protected int getPartitionCount()
        The number of partitions for the pubsub topic where data will be written.
      • getTaskId

        protected int getTaskId()
        The ID of the current task. This ID number is 0-based.
      • setChunkingEnabled

        protected void setChunkingEnabled​(boolean isChunkingEnabled)
      • isChunkingEnabled

        protected boolean isChunkingEnabled()
      • isRmdChunkingEnabled

        protected boolean isRmdChunkingEnabled()
      • configureTask

        protected abstract void configureTask​(VeniceProperties props)
        Allow implementations of this class to configure task-specific stuff.
        props - the job props that the task was configured with.