Class DataRecoveryWorker

    • Field Detail

      • poolSize

        protected final int poolSize
      • interval

        protected int interval
      • pool

        protected final java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool
    • Constructor Detail

      • DataRecoveryWorker

        public DataRecoveryWorker()
      • DataRecoveryWorker

        public DataRecoveryWorker​(int poolSize)
    • Method Detail

      • needWaitForFirstTaskToComplete

        public boolean needWaitForFirstTaskToComplete​(DataRecoveryTask task)
        For some task, it is benefit to wait for the first task to complete before starting to run the remaining ones. e.g. the first run of task can set up local session files that can be used by follow-up tasks.
      • perform

        public void perform​(java.util.Set<java.lang.String> storeNames,
                            Command.Params params)
      • processData

        public void processData()
      • shutdownAndAwaitTermination

        public void shutdownAndAwaitTermination()