Class IsolatedIngestionProcessStats

  • public class IsolatedIngestionProcessStats
    extends AbstractVeniceStats
    IsolatedIngestionProcessStats is a metrics collecting class that aims to collect metrics from isolated ingestion process. It maintains a map of String to Double to keep the collected metrics from forked process. updateMetricMap() will be called by a dedicated thread which collects metrics from child process at a fixed rate. Metrics collected will be registered to main process's MetricRepository and be reported to metrics reporters(like InGraph). In order to distinguish the collected metrics from the main process metrics, prefix "ingestion_isolation" is added to every metric names.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IsolatedIngestionProcessStats

        public IsolatedIngestionProcessStats​(io.tehuti.metrics.MetricsRepository metricsRepository)
    • Method Detail

      • updateMetricMap

        public void updateMetricMap​(java.util.Map<java.lang.CharSequence,​java.lang.Double> updateMetricValueMap)