Class InboundContentDebugHandler

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    public class InboundContentDebugHandler
    In order to dump the HTTP headers when there is a decode failure, surround the HTTP decode handler with these handles...example:
       InboundContentDebugHandler debugContentHandler = new InboundContentDebugHandler(24 * 1024);
           .addLast(new HttpServerCodec())
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      static class  InboundContentDebugHandler.HttpDecodeResult  
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      void channelInactive​( ctx)  
      void channelRead​( ctx, java.lang.Object msg)  
      static void clearBuffer​( channel)  
      static io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf fetchLastBytesOf​( channel, int length)  
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      • InboundContentDebugHandler

        public InboundContentDebugHandler​(int maxWindowSize)
      • InboundContentDebugHandler

        public InboundContentDebugHandler​(@Nonnull
                                          java.util.function.IntSupplier maxWindowSize)
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      • channelInactive

        public void channelInactive​( ctx)
                             throws java.lang.Exception
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        channelInactive in interface
        channelInactive in class
      • channelRead

        public void channelRead​( ctx,
                                java.lang.Object msg)
                         throws java.lang.Exception
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        channelRead in interface
        channelRead in class
      • clearBuffer

        public static void clearBuffer​( channel)
      • fetchLastBytesOf

        public static io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf fetchLastBytesOf​( channel,
                                                               int length)