Class RouterHeartbeat

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.AutoCloseable

    public class RouterHeartbeat
    extends AbstractVeniceService
    RouterHeartbeat is a service that monitors and reports the health of current live instances in the Venice cluster.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RouterHeartbeat

        public RouterHeartbeat​(LiveInstanceMonitor monitor,
                               VeniceHostHealth health,
                               VeniceRouterConfig routerConfig,
                               java.util.Optional<SSLFactory> sslFactory,
                               StorageNodeClient storageNodeClient)
        monitor - LiveInstanceMonitor used to identify which storage nodes need to be queried
        health - VeniceHostHealth used to mark unreachable nodes as unhealthy
        routerConfig - Venice router config
        sslFactory - if provided, the heartbeat will attempt to use ssl when checking the status of the storage nodes