Class HelixPartitionStatusAccessor

  • public class HelixPartitionStatusAccessor
    extends HelixPartitionStateAccessor
    A class for accessing partition offline push and hybrid quota status in Helix customized state (per Helix instance) on Zookeeper
    • Constructor Detail

      • HelixPartitionStatusAccessor

        public HelixPartitionStatusAccessor​(org.apache.helix.HelixManager helixManager,
                                            java.lang.String instanceId,
                                            boolean isHelixHybridStoreQuotaEnabled)
    • Method Detail

      • updateReplicaStatus

        public void updateReplicaStatus​(java.lang.String topic,
                                        int partitionId,
                                        ExecutionStatus status)
      • updateHybridQuotaReplicaStatus

        public void updateHybridQuotaReplicaStatus​(java.lang.String topic,
                                                   int partitionId,
                                                   HybridStoreQuotaStatus status)
      • deleteReplicaStatus

        public void deleteReplicaStatus​(java.lang.String topic,
                                        int partitionId)
        When a replica is gone from an instance due to partition movement or resource drop, we need to call this delete function to explicitly delete the customized state for that replica. Otherwise, customized state will still stay there. Usually this should happen during state transition. If the partition state is the last partition state in the resource znode, the znode will also be deleted.
      • getReplicaStatus

        public ExecutionStatus getReplicaStatus​(java.lang.String topic,
                                                int partitionId)
      • getHybridQuotaReplicaStatus

        public HybridStoreQuotaStatus getHybridQuotaReplicaStatus​(java.lang.String topic,
                                                                  int partitionId)
      • getAllReplicaStatus

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​ExecutionStatus> getAllReplicaStatus​(java.lang.String topic)