Class InputStorageQuotaTracker

  • public class InputStorageQuotaTracker
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class is used to keep track of store storage quota and storage overhead ratio and check whether the total input data size exceeds the quota
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      InputStorageQuotaTracker​(java.lang.Long storeStorageQuota)  
    • Method Summary

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      boolean exceedQuota​(long totalInputStorageSizeInBytes)  
      java.lang.Long getStoreStorageQuota()  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • InputStorageQuotaTracker

        public InputStorageQuotaTracker​(java.lang.Long storeStorageQuota)
    • Method Detail

      • exceedQuota

        public boolean exceedQuota​(long totalInputStorageSizeInBytes)
      • getStoreStorageQuota

        public java.lang.Long getStoreStorageQuota()