Class DeleteOldVersion

  • All Implemented Interfaces:,, java.lang.Comparable<org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecord>, org.apache.avro.generic.GenericContainer, org.apache.avro.generic.GenericRecord, org.apache.avro.generic.IndexedRecord, org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecord

    public class DeleteOldVersion
    extends org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase
    implements org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecord
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      java.lang.CharSequence clusterName  
      static org.apache.avro.Schema SCHEMA$  
      java.lang.CharSequence storeName  
      int versionNum  
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Default constructor.
      DeleteOldVersion​(java.lang.CharSequence clusterName, java.lang.CharSequence storeName, java.lang.Integer versionNum)
      All-args constructor.
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      java.lang.Object get​(int field$)  
      static org.apache.avro.Schema getClassSchema()  
      java.lang.CharSequence getClusterName()
      Gets the value of the 'clusterName' field.
      org.apache.avro.Schema getSchema()  
      org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificData getSpecificData()  
      java.lang.CharSequence getStoreName()
      Gets the value of the 'storeName' field.
      int getVersionNum()
      Gets the value of the 'versionNum' field.
      void put​(int field$, java.lang.Object value$)  
      void readExternal​( in)  
      void setClusterName​(java.lang.CharSequence value)
      Sets the value of the 'clusterName' field.
      void setStoreName​(java.lang.CharSequence value)
      Sets the value of the 'storeName' field.
      void setVersionNum​(int value)
      Sets the value of the 'versionNum' field.
      void writeExternal​( out)  
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    • Field Detail

      • SCHEMA$

        public static final org.apache.avro.Schema SCHEMA$
      • clusterName

        public java.lang.CharSequence clusterName
      • storeName

        public java.lang.CharSequence storeName
      • versionNum

        public int versionNum
    • Constructor Detail

      • DeleteOldVersion

        public DeleteOldVersion()
        Default constructor. Note that this does not initialize fields to their default values from the schema. If that is desired then one should use newBuilder().
      • DeleteOldVersion

        public DeleteOldVersion​(java.lang.CharSequence clusterName,
                                java.lang.CharSequence storeName,
                                java.lang.Integer versionNum)
        All-args constructor.
        clusterName - The new value for clusterName
        storeName - The new value for storeName
        versionNum - The new value for versionNum
    • Method Detail

      • getClassSchema

        public static org.apache.avro.Schema getClassSchema()
      • getSpecificData

        public org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificData getSpecificData()
        getSpecificData in class org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase
      • getSchema

        public org.apache.avro.Schema getSchema()
        Specified by:
        getSchema in interface org.apache.avro.generic.GenericContainer
        Specified by:
        getSchema in class org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase
      • get

        public java.lang.Object get​(int field$)
        Specified by:
        get in interface org.apache.avro.generic.IndexedRecord
        Specified by:
        get in class org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase
      • put

        public void put​(int field$,
                        java.lang.Object value$)
        Specified by:
        put in interface org.apache.avro.generic.IndexedRecord
        Specified by:
        put in class org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase
      • getClusterName

        public java.lang.CharSequence getClusterName()
        Gets the value of the 'clusterName' field.
        The value of the 'clusterName' field.
      • setClusterName

        public void setClusterName​(java.lang.CharSequence value)
        Sets the value of the 'clusterName' field.
        value - the value to set.
      • getStoreName

        public java.lang.CharSequence getStoreName()
        Gets the value of the 'storeName' field.
        The value of the 'storeName' field.
      • setStoreName

        public void setStoreName​(java.lang.CharSequence value)
        Sets the value of the 'storeName' field.
        value - the value to set.
      • getVersionNum

        public int getVersionNum()
        Gets the value of the 'versionNum' field.
        The value of the 'versionNum' field.
      • setVersionNum

        public void setVersionNum​(int value)
        Sets the value of the 'versionNum' field.
        value - the value to set.
      • writeExternal

        public void writeExternal​( out)
        Specified by:
        writeExternal in interface
        writeExternal in class org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase
      • readExternal

        public void readExternal​( in)
        Specified by:
        readExternal in interface
        readExternal in class org.apache.avro.specific.SpecificRecordBase