Interface StoreSchemaFetcher

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    public interface StoreSchemaFetcher
    This class is the public interface for Venice store user to fetch store schemas. It is intended to replace the old schema fetching APIs in AvroGenericStoreClient. It is expected that each instance of this class is associated with a single Venice store and user can use it to fetch the Venice store schemas for their logics.
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      • getKeySchema

        org.apache.avro.Schema getKeySchema()
        Returns Key schema of the store.
      • getLatestValueSchema

        org.apache.avro.Schema getLatestValueSchema()
        Returns the latest available Value schema of the store. The latest superset schema is: 1. If a superset schema exists for the store, return the superset schema 2. If no superset schema exists for the store, return the value schema with the largest schema id
      • getAllValueSchemas

        default java.util.Set<org.apache.avro.Schema> getAllValueSchemas()
        Returns all value schemas of the store.
      • getAllValueSchemasWithId

        java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​org.apache.avro.Schema> getAllValueSchemasWithId()
        Returns all value schemas of the store as a map with schema id as the key.
      • getUpdateSchema

        org.apache.avro.Schema getUpdateSchema​(org.apache.avro.Schema valueSchema)
                                        throws VeniceException
        Returns the Update (Write Compute) schema of the provided Value schema. The returned schema is used to construct a GenericRecord that partially updates a record value that is associated with this value schema. This method is expected to throw InvalidVeniceSchemaException when the provided value schema could not be found in the Venice backend. For other unexpected errors like store is not write-compute enabled or corresponding update schema is not found in the Venice backend, this method will throw general VeniceException with corresponding error message.
      • getStoreName

        java.lang.String getStoreName()
        Returns the Venice store name this class is associated with.
      • getLatestValueSchemaEntry

        SchemaEntry getLatestValueSchemaEntry()
      • getUpdateSchemaEntry

        DerivedSchemaEntry getUpdateSchemaEntry​(int valueSchemaId)
        Get the latest derived schema of a value schema. Return the derived schema in DerivedSchemaEntry format, which contains Schema and protocol ID.