Class IsolatedIngestionServerHandler

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    public class IsolatedIngestionServerHandler
    This is the handler class for IsolatedIngestionServer. This handler will be spawn to handle the following IngestionAction request from main process: (1) IngestionAction.COMMAND: Different kinds of ingestion commands to control the ingestion of a topic (partition). (2) IngestionAction.METRIC: Request to collect metrics from child process and report to InGraph service. (3) IngestionAction.HEARTBEAT: Request to check the health of child process for monitoring purpose. (4) IngestionAction.UPDATE_METADATA: A special kind of request to update metadata of topic partitions opened in main process. As of current ingestion isolation design, metadata partition of a topic will always be opened in child process. MainIngestionStorageMetadataService maintains in-memory cache of metadata in main process, and it will persist metadata updates via this requests. (5) IngestionAction.SHUTDOWN_COMPONENT: Request to shut down a specific ingestion component gracefully. This class contains all the logic details to handle above requests and sends back IngestionAction.REPORT Also, it registers ingestion listener which relays status reporting to main process.
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      protected void channelRead0​( ctx, io.netty.handler.codec.http.FullHttpRequest msg)  
      void channelReadComplete​( ctx)  
      void exceptionCaught​( ctx, java.lang.Throwable cause)  
      protected void validateAndExecuteCommand​(IngestionCommandType command, IngestionTaskReport report, java.lang.Runnable commandRunnable)  
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      • IsolatedIngestionServerHandler

        public IsolatedIngestionServerHandler​(IsolatedIngestionServer isolatedIngestionServer)
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        public void channelReadComplete​( ctx)
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        channelReadComplete in class
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        protected void channelRead0​( ctx,
                                    io.netty.handler.codec.http.FullHttpRequest msg)
                             throws java.lang.Exception
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        channelRead0 in class<io.netty.handler.codec.http.FullHttpRequest>
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        public void exceptionCaught​( ctx,
                                    java.lang.Throwable cause)
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        exceptionCaught in interface
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        exceptionCaught in interface
        exceptionCaught in class